Ecobins Sdn Bhd (“Ecobins”) was established in 2014 by a team of skilled experienced and qualified professionals. Our main objective is to set up a professional organization in the waste solution industry to serve the ever-expanding construction industry. Our Vision is “Building the future with you and for you”

We aim to provide the best support and services in construction waste, domestic waste and collection of paper and plastic for recycle purposes in Klang Valley to ensure a clean environment for our future in meeting the Green Building Index while satisfying our customers’ needs. Our key clients include but not limited to light industry owners, main contractors, renovation contractors and manufacturers.

Our Rewards

Members of Solid Waste Contractors’ Association (SOWACO)

We are also member of Solid Waste Contractors’ Association (SOWACO).

SOWACO was formed in 1995 with 16 members, comprising of the larger and more established companies using the hook-lift system with detachable containers, specifically to service factories (as opposed to Alam Flora which specializes in Domestic waste, previously controlled by the town councils). The members avoid inter-member price under-cutting which would result in sub-standard services. As a group, they are trying to persuade government not to include their ICI (Industrial, commercial & Institutional) waste market under the “Waste Privatization” bill as their services have already been privatized to us by the respective town councils since the 70’s. However, privatization can be considered if some additional value is added, with a consequent increase in revenue for members. The objective of SOWACO is to improve professionalism of Solid waste service providers.


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